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Waves Apparel - Unisex Tank Top Sizing Guide

How will these fit me?

Well we assume they'll fit you like a boss. Normal American Apparel attire tends to fit a bit more snug than other brands, but the tanks we use are slightly larger all the way around. We've included our models weight and height on each design so you can get an idea of what may fit you the best. See below for full sizing details.

Will they shrink?

They don't have to. Like any pure cotton garment, some shrinkage will happen when washed and dried in hot temperatures. For best results, machine wash in cold water and hang dry. And Never iron that beautiful design! If there are wrinkles after, you can throw it in the drier after it is no longer damp for a few minutes to spruce it up.

If you wash and dry in warmer temperatures the garments may shrink around 4% all the way around. However, these tanks are extremely good at holding their shape for a long time.

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