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About Waves


Waves Apparel is a Toronto start-up that aims to deliver high quality shirts and give back to the community.


Waves Apparel is a Downtown Toronto based company that has a passion for screen printing and crafting great shirts. Born and raised in one of the greatest cities on the planet, our gear represents our pride in our city and our love of design.


Waves Apparel makes hand printed goods in the heart of downtown Toronto. We refuse to create anything that is not of the upmost quality and comfort, nor do we agree that that quality has to come at a high price.

The brand started with an idea; frustrated with the lack of good quality tank tops out there, we aimed to build a company to sell tanks to guys online at a fair and reasonable price. After our original 416 design took off, we adjusted our focus to pay homage to our city roots and now we continue to grow from a base of pride for our city. Today we offer many different items for guys and girls alike, each one is a piece of Toronto.

We started making shirts in our living room in 2014 and quickly outgrew that and moved into a friend’s garage. After that property began to look like a factory we locked down a facility in downtown Toronto to live out our passion.

We believe creativity is a gift that needs to be fostered, and that is why we are thrilled to be partnered with SKETCH Toronto. SKETCH provides art tools, supplies and a comfortable atmosphere for homeless Toronto youth to come and hone their creative skills. Their goal is to help guide these youth and educate them with state of the art equipment, so they can leave the program and develop careers that utilize their talents.

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Our goal is to treat everyone and every connection with a sense of brotherly love. Our customers mean the world to us and won't stop until you're more than satisfied. 

Your likes, shares, and Tweets can help us grow our offering and attract new talented artists. Your love is appreciated!

We love hearing from our customers, if you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, don't hesitate to give us a buzz:


All prices are listed in Canadian dollars 
Waves Apparel is part of Cathect Industries
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