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Getso and Waves Apparel

Getso and Waves Apparel

Getso is a Toronto based artist with roots in graffiti writing. His style is best described by the man himself, “Whether it’s tagging, piecing or pop art – it’s all about the funk”.


During his early teens Getso spent a lot of his time skateboarding and sticker bombing, which with the guidance of a friend’s older brother gradually escalated to spraying tags. Having a place to practice regularly was key to his progression. His friend’s artistic parents gave them free reign over their garage door to hone their spray can skills. Initially using alias’ Domer and Prowel and trying to dodge trouble, he practiced regularly and started to develop what is now his signature funky ‘Saved By the Bell’ style. 


Getso's painting at the Waves Apparel HQ


In 2006 Getso enrolled at Concordia University in Montreal to study Political Science. Finishing in 2011 with a double major in Political Science and Studio Arts. Next came a move back to Toronto for Getso as he enrolled in a Graphic and Web Design course at Humber College. All along he continued to write graffiti with a couple minor hiatuses. As we’ve come to learn from the man, more is more. Whether it’s a new technique or a new skill altogether, he wants it all. 



We sat with Getso and were in awe at how humble he is, the respect he has for those that came before him, and perhaps more importantly, his appetite to grow as an artist and a human. He often finds himself chuckling and smiling with pride after completing a piece. His joy for creation is evident in everything he lays his hands on. 


He also loves to travel, having taken spraycations to Australia, Germany, France and England among others, with a trip to Japan coming up. As well as different countries Getso has also appeared in different galleries. Initially with a few group shows, before a solo show at Function Gallery in Toronto. A list he is looking to add to in the future. 


His abstract style and willingness to constantly push his own boundaries ends up with some misses, more hits, but above all, a very progressive artist. He's currently in the UNC, IK, and Chiller Vibes crews.



Today you can find Getso’s art coming to life in many different forms like street art projects with the city, large scale art installations, hidden pieces off train tracks, or through film where he works as an art director.


Getso and Waves Apparel 


For his collaboration with us, Getso decided to pay homage to a Toronto icon – Honest Ed’s. A landmark in the city since the late 40s, where spray cans used to cost $1.99 and where a lot of artists got their tools, and where families filled their homes with clothes and houseware. Upon exiting the behemoth, customers were bombarded with cheeky signs saying “Wasn’t That Fun!”. A perfect send-off to the recent shut down and impending tear down of one of our favourite places in the city.


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  • February 15, 2017
  • James Blackmore
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